U-Guard Hummer H2

U-Guard Hummer H2 Accessories

Keeping up with the Big Boy.

All gear made from heavy-gauge stainless steel.

Laser cutting techniques deliver that sharpness that nothing else can bring. Aluminum tags are defined for convenient installation with heavy duty 3M tape.

GG-1610 S/S Grille Guard (With Upper Tube)
HM-2002 S/S Front Grille
HM-2001 S/S Engine Hood Hooks
SB-1610 S/S 3' Round OE Side Step Bars
HM-2007 S/S Handle Surrounds
HM-2004 S/S Front Tow Hooks
HM-2005 S/S Rear Tow Hooks
HM-2009 S/S Tail Light Guard
HM-2008 S/S Zinc Plated Alumimum Fuel Door (With Lock & Keys)
HM-2006 S/S Logo Trim
HM-2003 S/S Skid Plate
HM-2010 S/S Rear Bumper Hummer Letters