U-GUARD Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality tubular products. Founded in 2004, U-GUARD Inc. started in Markham, Ontario with an aspiring mission:" To market the highest quality after market product while satisfying the needs of their customers with on time delivery at a competitive rate. U-GUARD Inc. has a vast distribution network; supplying all over Canada.  Together with our customers we grow stronger every year providing in-store displays, outside sales support, and high profit margins.


  • Over 50,000 Sq. Ft. of total warehouse space, keeping close to 1 million dollars of inventory in Canada, consistent fill rates of over 95 percent.
  • Over 500 SKUs (Stock-Keeping-Units) in Canadian warehouse alone, offering over 800 SKUs together with U.S. branches.
  • Offering the widest range and most up-to-date applications.
  • Self invested R and D center with professional engineers for new product and application developments.
  • On time delivery with the most competitive rates.
  • Excellent quality control system, overall return rate - less than 0.5 percent.
  • Unique and most efficient marketing tools/programs.